Greg Styles


About Mr. Styles

A licensed clinical social worker, Greg has been a mental health provider for over twenty-five years. He received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado State University and his Master of Social Work degree from Smith College School of Social Work. He is also a certified life, executive, health and wellness, and performance coach. 

Greg has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, secondary schools, universities, residential programs, community health centers, and the military. 

Greg has been trained in a multitude of theoretical approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and is a certified grief counselor. His primary focus is providing the right tool that will help move his clients towards their goals. His ultimate goal for his clients is to help them develop an increased insight into their struggles combined with a hefty toolbox of strategies and approaches for the future 

Greg has an easy-going, direct style and clients should expect an interactive experience, always leaving sessions with something new to consider and homework to engage. Greg has found particular success in assisting clients experiencing life transition or change, and helping them navigate that process – from a new role, new opportunity, or new loss – taking stock, creating a plan, and moving through the rough patches. He has also extensive experience in assisting clients through anxiety, grief, major life decisions, anger, stress, and lifestyle changes.

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