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Mood disorders affect your ability to function at work, in relationships, and in daily life. At Amavi, our providers treat mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorders and other conditions.

What are mood disorders?

Mood disorders include all types of depression and bipolar disorders. Anxiety can also be classified as a mood disorder, especially when it occurs along with depression.

What is major depressive disorder?

Major depressive disorder, also known as clinical depression, describes persistent and intense feelings of sadness that last for extended periods. The sadness and hopelessness are different from the natural response to a tragic or difficult event, like a death, divorce, or major illness. 

Major depressive disorder affects many areas of your life and impacts your mood, behavior, appetite, and sleep. You may experience:

  • Sadness or irritability most of the day, every day
  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Thoughts of self-harm

Your provider may treat major depressive disorder with medications, psychotherapy, and suggestions for lifestyle and behavior changes. 

What are bipolar disorders?

Amavi providers can help with the accurate diagnosis of bipolar disorders. Your provider takes a strength-based approach to help patients optimize their quality of life and promote overall well-being. 

When you have bipolar disorder, manic episodes alternate with depressive states. During the manic stage, you feel exceptionally energetic and almost euphoric. You may make rash decisions and participate in impulsive behavior. 

During depressive episodes, you have trouble finding motivation for the simplest daily tasks. You feel empty, hopeless, and extremely sad. People with bipolar I experience intense mood extremes. Bipolar II disorder is milder but still interferes with daily life. 

These intense mood swings affect work, friendships, and family relations. Bipolar disorder can also cause you to put yourself in harmful situations. 

Our providers may use a combination of medication management, psychotherapy, and other modalities to help you manage your symptoms and enjoy an improved quality of life. 

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